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Wanting to Sexy Cock Looking for those interested in erotic art

Looking for those interested in erotic art

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This work is available here free, so that those who cannot afford it can still have access to it, and so that ni one has to pay before they read something that might not be what they really are seeking. But wollongong county male escorts you find it meaningful and helpful and would like to contribute whatever easily affordable amount you feel it is worth, please do do. I will appreciate it. The button to the right will take you to PayPal where you can oooking any size donation of 25 cents or more you wish, using either your PayPal or a credit eroitc without a PayPal. A Philosophy of Erotic Visual Art This essay contains NO erotic images or pornography of any sort; it is strictly an analytic, philosophical essay about the aesthetic question: What are the elements that make good erotic art good art and also erotic?


The interest referred to may be to the senses such as something that looks or physically feels very pleasurablethe intellect, the "libido", the emotions, or whatever. Hence, it is not surprising people might mistakenly confuse revulsion with transexual escort hayward. And even when some subjects attempt to look impassioned and aroused, or seductive, ihterested expressions interestted their faces do not seem to match either their body language or creampie escort toronto kinds of things they are doing; a girl who looks to be in a state of extremely impassioned ecstasy from stroking her own knee while standing nude on a hot, rocky beach thoss more weird than sensuous or aroused.

An interesting activity, joyous body language or facial expression, interesting depiction of a viewer's own fantasy perhaps with an interesting addition or modificationor any of a of things portrayed, captured, or suggested by looking for those interested in erotic art erotic work of art might stimulate a viewer's imagination, even if it is not the nudity by itself or the physiology of the activity by itself that is what is stimulating. Showing skin in an uncustomary or personal way is often erotic; showing the same or even more skin in a way that is fashionable or customary generally is not.

Skin does not always do that, certainly not without some artistic skill and lighting knowledge or sensitivity. The look should in some way be directed at each person looking at it, yet without appearing that it could be meant for anyone else. If one can satisfy one's urges for sex or sexual arousal through erotic art produced by someone very happy to looking for those interested in erotic art for it rather than through having to seduce or take advantage of someone that one is really not otherwise interested in, is that not a better method!


Some magazines even do their windsor escort service or sets better than their subjects. And it seems to me to be a worthwhile endeavor for a of reasons: artists can help people share, and realize they share, certain common wonderful emotions and experiences.

Some art requires subtle handling; some, less srt. Although 12 year old boys little lupe escort get aroused by topless tribal pictures in National Geographic, that is usually because they have not yet located other sources of nude pictures and because they have usually not had much opportunity to learn to appreciate the difference between personal, intentional sexuality and the excitement of seeing or doing something somehow even remotely related to sex that is forbidden for them in their culture.

The fact that bad erotic art is often also revealing is either accidental, or is related to the fact that the more body one photographs no matter how clothed or notthe more artistry is required to do it well.

The challenge, as with all visual art that tries to capture erptic portray cheap escorts in hamilton, emotions, feelings, states of mind, is to portray something that is basically nonvisual with, or in, a strictly visual medium. Our moods, desires, and feelings always coincide--so that when one wants tenderness the other does too; when one wants to be teased, the other is in the mood to tease playfully; when one wants witty conversation, the other is conversely conversantly witty; when one wants to be more passive, the other wants to act more actively; the same things seem funny, or especially momentous, or especially meaningful to loiking at the same time.

Searching Teen Fuck Looking for those interested in erotic art

And different people have different interests and are stimulated by different things. Erotic art also can serve as a harmless release for sexual desire.

The amount of skin revealed is relatively unimportant, though lookimg a picture meant to be inviting, if all the other aspects are done well, then, assuming the revelation is also done well, it may perhaps give some extra provocation or intensity to the "invitation". It is like a litte treasure that portrays or depicts exactly how you feel about something that is important to you and that may be important for you to be able to express.

Arousing pornographic art cairns escort massage sometimes stir you out of a languorous or adult ready sex personals parkersburg state even if the sexual excitement is temporary and even if it, as it sometimes does, simply le you to excitement and industriousness in good areas totally unrelated to sex.

Erotic Art

Of pregnant escorts new baltimore then, the better the pornography, or pornographic art, they learn from, the better things they learn, and conversely, the worse the pornography either as art or as sexual interaction, the worse the value of what is taught. Of course, one work may incorporate all three of these features; a picture may be arousing, may capture some essential aspect of sex, and may make some sort of statement about sex.

But again, with me, these have to be void of brutality, mayhem, gore, degradation, "use", and the like. And I think pictures which succeed in that effort will thereby not be degrading.

This might be some sort of seductiveness as in a seductive look, but it does not have to be; simply portraying well some kind of joyful or desirable sort bundaberg prostitution rates sexual or sensual experience apart from seduction may be quite erotlc. These kinds of things are true of all visual art.

A beach bikini in the 's is not of special looking for those interested in erotic art, but it probably would have justifiably aroused the libido of some people and the ire of others in And it will not usually stimulate the imagination of an even somewhat knowledgeable viewer, unless he or she is simply motivated to think how much better the portrayal might have been and is then stimulated by his or her own ideas of how that might have been accomplished.

And this is perfectly fine as long as there is not some reason to believe the pleasure is only one-sided, and that the giver in one set of pictures might not ever be the receiver of pleasure if the photos were somehow extended or more complete. And, for me, the model has to look like she has some sort of wise or intelligent awareness about what she is doing--some knowing look or sparkle in the eyes--something that elevates her above thoss simple level escort hillingdon just a dumb animal in heat.

Since many of these things are themselves felt experiences or felt impressions, and not visible characteristics, capturing or portraying them visually can be quite an artistic or intellectual accomplishment.

Sometimes humor is appropriate; sometimes not. If it were, hospital corridors and wards would be very erotic places.

Many porno movies show people having sex who either look bored or in pain at the time, lookkng who are performing in a perfunctory manner, or who act very passionate and express great pleasure but while nothing is happening to them that looks like it would be very pleasurable. I would think a case sextonight ottumwa ia fuck buddies personal ads be made that erotic art could cut down the amount of psychologically damaging sex of a of sorts by serving as a less harmful surrogate or outlet.

The button to the right will take you to PayPal where you can make interezted size donation of 25 cents or more you wish, using either your PayPal or a credit card without a PayPal.

Therefore this is an exercise, not to describe what would be visually exciting to everyone, but to describe the elements that I think or that for me make up a sexually exciting visual work photograph or movie. Even repulsive pornography can serve this function, since it often effectively eradicates an unwanted state of horniness in its own way; it is difficult to feel arousal and repugnance at the same time.

So the question is what it is about certain kinds of erotic art that makes it good both as art and as something erotic; what are the elements of eroticism in erotic art, particularly good erotic art. One might have a fantasy sex object about whom one likes cheap escorts newtownabbey united kingdom daydream or escorts in ayrshire but with whom one would not actually care to have sex.

Submit Your Artwork to the First Erotic Art Exhibition in London!

Some of these may be of great benefit and value. In fact, I think my fantasies are only unlike my actual sex in a few ways. And that artistry is often lacking in erotic art as elsewhere.

Is it not better for them to be able to get over that state through erotic art rather than through seduction or meaningless and potentially harmful casual sex. There are some areas Interestee can immediately eliminate -- those which portray degradation, humiliation, or treatment of people as merely objects with no consideration for their feelings, and those which portray any sort of pain, brutality, or violence in some manner looking for a nerdy romance tries to extoll or equate it, or tries to associate it in some positive manner, with sexuality.

I get so incensed at their stupidity and waste and at myself for having wasted time finding them and beginning to watch them albury escort swallow I then have the ly missing drive to do something of worth, if for no other interester than to try to redeem the lost and wasted time.

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